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All the Buzz About Rose Water


All the Buzz About Rosewater

While rose water has been a popular ingredient in skin care products  dating back to the middle ages, it’s making a delightful comeback and we invite you to soak it all in and indulge.

What is Rose Water?

Rose water, in its purest form, is exactly what it is:  rose water, which is created by distilling rose petals with steam. So when you see people bathing in roses, they’re not only doing it because it looks pretty, but most importantly, it is a super star ingredient to healthy skin care.  If we go back to ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was rumored to bathe in the water because it was found to moisturize and tighten the pores.


Where can Rose Water be found?

There are over 7,000 varieties of roses worldwide, but only few are known as oil-bearing roses that can be used for the production of high quality rose water. Rosa Damascena or Damask Rose, also known as Rose water was thought to have originated in the Middle East, formerly known as Persia, in the middle ages, through the cultivation of various fragrant flowers to create perfume.  Avicenna, a 10th century Persian scientist is credited for the refinement of rose water as well as introducing it to Europe as a valuable commodity and making it a profitable source trade for Persians. The Romans were first to classify and record the healing benefits of rose water for over 30 ailments resulting in serving as a medicinal component for many ancient cultures around the world.

The two places that are prominently known for their rose water, are Bulgaria where the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose has been cultivated for more than 330 years; but we believe the absolute best quality of rose water originates in Morocco where the natural soil and cultivation conditions exceed other counties of origin. The Damask rose was introduced in 1938 by the French and remains a superior choice even in present day.

Rose water is obtained from distilling rose petals through steam and capturing the plant compounds that turn back into water when the steam is cooled. This process is often referred to as first generation distillation. Authentic rose water has only one ingredient: rose water from the rose petals.



Buyers Be Aware…Size Matters?

When looking for first generation products to ensure high quality rose water with maximum skincare benefits, make sure that the product is made from distillation and not manufactured in a lab. Some products will mix rose oil with distilled water – which is not the same as distillation and thus has less valuable rose compounds than from a distillate.  Additionally, the further down rose water is mentioned in the ingredient list of the product, the less authentic is the rose water product. Often times, a rose fragrance may be added back in the lab if it’s distilled more than once.  Products that are only distilled once will capture the maximum rose oil.



What’s all the buzz about Rosewater?

Organic rose water is fueled by antioxidants that are instrumental in protecting cells from damage.  It has many benefits in one bottle: hydrates skin, reduces oiliness, and works to reduce signs of aging. Rose water is all the buzz because of not only the skincare benefits, but how it makes one feel after using it – it’s like a quick trip to the spa, in the palm of your hands.

A spritz or two from a rose water toner, or in the form of a rose water cleanser or moisturizer, will refresh your skin and help maintain your natural pH balance. Rose water hydrates the skin while reducing oiliness, leaving skin feeling soft and exuding a natural glow. Additional benefits of rose water:

  • - Anti-aging properties that target and diminish wrinkles.
  • - Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties not only soothes skin irritation (sunburns included), but also improves the complexion, reducing skin redness & puffiness. 

  • - It can serve as a mood booster or aid in anxiety relief, with its calming aroma and affects, as it’s misted upon your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed.     



IQ Natural Rose Water is Bliss

IQ Natural has partnered with a Moroccan rose farm that specializes in first generation distillation and has created 100% one ingredient products to bring the best of the rose water skin care benefits directly to you. IQ Natural prides itself in working with companies that represents the demographic of our client base that has first-hand knowledge of consumer preferences.  For IQ Natural, we recognize that women worldwide impact 80% of the purchase decisions and thus working with companies that highlight women, is an important value we have.  Employing over 70 women in an otherwise economically stressed region, our Moroccan partner in rose water is the perfect match. The women on the farm manually tillage and separate the rose petals from the rose buds. They value genuine care, empathy, and appreciation for others to deliver a quality product. IQ Natural also shares these same values when crafting our skincare products.

Additionally, our Moroccan partner uses sustainable practices to cultivate organic Moroccan rose water distillate. Every part of the rose is used, from the hip to the rose petals, to produce organic botanicals for essential oil, rose hip oil, and rose water, which the by product of rose water essential oil. While we currently are only partnering to create products with rose water, we are looking forward to collaborations in creating products that include rose essential oil as well.

Rose Water Hyrda-Gel Mask

After you indulge your skin to iQ Natural's Rose Water Hydra-Gel Facial Mask, your skin will not only feel pretty, but look pretty also, revealing a look of calm and soothing luminescence. Antioxidant rich rose distillate is clearly in charge in this mild gel masque that has the subtle, but uplifting aroma of roses. This mask offers a cooling and soothing effect on both your soul and skin, leaving you glowing, feeling refreshed, hydrated, and calm – as if you’ve stepped out of the spa.


Rose Water

A refreshing and hydrating mist, to use anywhere, anytime. This simple, 100% single ingredient rose water is a calming and uplifting pick me up for skin, hair and nails. A spritz or two of this and you’ll feel re-energized, moisturized, and own that dewy glow.



Shop our Organic Moroccan Rose Water here

Shop our Rose Water Hydra-Gel Mask here

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