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Feel Better Essential Oil Trio Blend

Fell Better Trio Blend

Lavender | Eucalyptus | Peppermint


Distilling the Essence

Essential oils are named essential because they were thought to embody the very essence of odor and flavour of a plant.  They are highly volatile substances that are undergo a physical process of isolation from an odoriferous plant of a single botanical variety.

The most common method for isolating essential oils is distillation, but other processes such as enfleurage (extraction by using fat) maceration, mechanical pressing, and solvent extraction, are used for particular products. While younger plants produce more oil than older ones, older plants are higher in more resinous and darker oils because of the constant evaporation of the lighter fractions of oil. Where the solar energy is greatest is where the most odoriferous plants can be found.

Essential oils have been well identified and characterized from only a few thousand plants. Microdroplets in the glands of the plants are where the oil resides.  When the droplets are diffused through the walls of the glands, they spread over the surface of the plant before evaporating and filling the air with perfume.

Essential oils were first recorded to be found in ancient India, Persia, and Egypt; but both Greece and Rome had trade operations in odoriferous oils and ointments with countries in Asia. The odorous plants or their resinous products were used directly in ancient cultures. Not until the coming of the golden age of Arab culture was the distillation technique for essential oils developed. What we know now as aromatherapy, the holistic healing approach in using natural plant extracts to promote health and well being, is the use of essential oils, and often called essential oil therapy. The use of aromatic essential oils for medicinal purposes are to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit, to enhance overall health both physically and emotionally.

Aromatherapy and its related oils and resins have been used by many cultures for thousands of years. They were at times, burned to ward off evil spirits, or during ritual practices, but for the most part, were used for healing benefits in mind and body.



Historical Presence

The first records of essential oils come from ancient India, Persia, and Egypt; and both Greece and Rome conducted extensive trade in odoriferous oils and ointments with the countries of the Orient. Most likely these products were extracts prepared by placing flowers, roots, and leaves in fatty oils. In most ancient cultures, odorous plants or their resinous products were used directly. Only with the coming of the golden age of Arab culture was a technique developed for the distillation of essential oils.

In France, cave paintings as early as 18,000 B.C. shows oils being used medicinally.  Records from 4,500 B.C. found in ancient Egypt are references to uses of aromatic barks and resins. In Tutankhamun’s tomb, pots were found that contained traces of frankincense and myrrh, which in biblical times, were two aromatic essences highly valued for healing benefits. It was believed that Cleopatra at En Gedi, owned the first beauty spa that was a perfume factory by the Dead Sea. Here, individuals were thought to be offered health and beauty treatments since the factory ruins show seats that are thought to have been the waiting and treatment rooms. While the book to which Cleopatra recorded her body oil recipes have been lost, it is through the mention of Roman texts, that Cleoptra had blended fragrant herbs with specially prepared olive oil to create her scents.

Hippocrates, of ancient Greece, advocated the use of a daily bath and massage infused with aromatic oils. Aromatic essences were also infused in baths, as well as culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes by the Romans. Those participating in athletic games used oil to massage tight muscles.  Specially prepared oils were rubbed into athletes’ muscles in India, on the island of Crete, and later in Greece and Rome, before and after games to soothe muscles.

Distilled products became a specialty in medieval pharmacies in Europe and in 1500 the following essential oils had been introduced: cedarwood, calamus, costus, rose, rosemary, spike, incense, turpentine, sage, cinnamon, benzoin, and myrrh. It wasn’t until 1910 where the healing power of lavender oil was discovered by French scientist, Gattefosse. He continued his research of aromatic essences and found that with use of lemon, thyme, clove, and other disinfectant oils, wounds would heal quicker and without infection.  Thus came the term aromatherapie.



The use of essential oils are used to promote health benefits in your mind and body as you inhale the scents and absorb them into your skin. Depending on your personal health concerns, different types of essential oils are used to address these concerns.   For example, a common essential oil to help relax and calm you from stress is lavender. If you’re needing more energy, some therapists will use Rosemary in their massage oils. Often your therapist will include you in selecting the kind of essential oil by asking what health concerns, such as sore back, neck, and/or shoulder muscles or to ease stress, that you want to be addressed; as well as asking you to smell the various blends they have in house.

Healing Treatment

Aromatherapy utilizes the sense of smell and skin absorption with essential oils through the following mechanisms each one on their own or in any combination:

  • Aromatic Spritzers
  • Bathing Salts
  • Body oils, creams, or lotions for massage or topical application
  • Clay masks
  • Diffusers
  • Facial steamers
  • Hot ad cold compresses
  • Inhalers

While there are a hundred types of essential oils available, most people use the most popular oils or ones that they are accustomed to hearing about. Each essential oil has a variety of unique healing properties, uses and effects. We have combined a trio of essential oils that will create a synergistic blend to amplify your healing benefits through flu season through our Feel Better Trio Blend.


Feel Better Trio Blend

Take in the delicate and refreshing scents of this trio blend to take it down a notch after a long day of work or unwanted stress. Your emotions will level out as they take in the calming and healing affects of this trio that allow you to sleep better at night. Your well-being is nurtured not only in mind, but in body with this trio’s ability to provide soothing and comforting pain relief. 

Lavender: A popular essential oil known for its calming and emotionally balancing effects, lavender has also been known to help reduce the itching and swelling from bug bites. Lavender has an overall body, physically and emotionally, relaxing and soothing effects enabling people to rest and sleep more easily.  If you suffer from constant headaches, lavender can help alleviate headaches while also reducing stress.

Eucalyptus: This natural healing essential oil is great to purify, cleanse, and clarify with its immune-boosting benefits. Eucalyptus essential oil also supports the respiratory system as a decongestant (sinusitis, respiratory infection, fever), but also soothes physical discomforts (muscular aches and pains, arthritis, rheumatism) with its anti-inflammatory components.

Peppermint: Peppermint is one of the most versatile oils because it is multi-purpose. Due to its active ingredients of menthol and menthone, peppermint is known to reduce pain, invigorate, energize, and prevent growth from harmful bacteria. When applied topically, you can immediately feel the cooling effect that can help with muscle pain (which can potentially help increase exercise performance), sunburn relief, and itchy skin conditions like poison ivy or insect bites.  If you need some revitalizing energy or want to add this to help you relax, peppermint essential oil will support you in this way.

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