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Jamaican Castor Oil: The Haircare You Didn't Know You Needed

Jamaican Castor Oil: The Haircare You Didn't Know You Needed 

While it may seem that Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO or JBC) is popping up more and more as it relates to hair growth and skin care, JBC is a hair treatment that has dated back to ancient times to protect, strengthen, and beautify a variety of hair types. JBC can find its origins in the Caribbean where the popularity for its health and beauty benefits has existed for hundreds of years.

What is Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

Jamaican black castor (JBC) oil is produced by cold pressing fresh castor beans. No chemicals are ever used in the process of extracting our castor oils. Because JBC versus regular castor oil, contains the ashes of the beans which are on the alkaline side, results in skin that can better absorb antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients, some that are already built into the JBC oil. Thus, JBC has been found to be much stronger and more efficient in its health benefits, while also having a darker brown color, versus regular castor oil. 

The range of benefits JBC offers is wide. It has a higher pH, which helps to clarify the skin, remove anything that may clog the pores for clearer skin and longer thicker hair. Alkaline substances will also open the nail cuticles to allow the rich oil to get deep into the skin and do its work. The omega-9 fatty acids in JBC contribute to enhancing good skin health. It helps treat inflammation and the problematic issues like acne.  Jamaican black castor oil (also sometimes called pure Jamaican black castor oil) also has numerous uses to improve health and wellbeing, such as anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help heal numerous skin infections such as ringworms.

How is Jaimaican Castor Oil made?

JBC is made in the traditional, hand-processed way. The seeds are roasted, beaten with a mortar, boiled, and then pressed. The roasting produces the black color with a richer, earthier aroma. This oil is considered to be pure and a superior oil in terms of its nutritional content.



The processing method of a castor bean determines its pH level. Regular castor oil is slightly acidic, whereas its Jamaican counterpart, because it contains the ashes of the beans, is on the alkaline side.

Hair Care Benefits

Effective at hair growth and helping bring back the shine & silky, smooth texture to your hair. JBC is also helpful in eliminating a dry, flaky scalp. IQ Natural certified organic Jamaican black castor oil is like LIQUID GOLD for improving your hair growth and locking in the moisture.

Tips and feedback from customers:

  • - "I added this to my skincare routine at night. Applied a generous layer to scalp and let sit for an hour. After 2 weeks I couldn't believe how much my hair grew."

  • - "Leaves my hair silky smooth like nothing else I’ve ever tried. Instant results." 

  • - "My hair got a lot stronger, smoother, and better shine after using Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I LOVE THAT ITS ORGANIC!"

Other Benefits

Skin Care

Although JBC is more widely known as a hair care treatment, it also has a number of popular uses for skin care treatment, therefore making it a true multi-use product.

Ricinoleic acid is a main ingredient in castor oil and thus is an effective anti-inflammatory that helps reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity, reduce acne, increase hydration, and more. It also has been found to treat acne, soothe chapped lips, help with scar healing and repair, serve as an anti-fungal treatment, and treat psoriasis and eczema. Some examples and testimonials of skin care benefits:

1. Treating Acne

Jamaican black castor oil may work wonders for your acne issues. Cleansing your face with the castor oil can do just the trick. All you need is a washcloth, 100% pure Jamaican black castor oil, and hot steaming water.

Tips and feedback from customers:
  • - "After only 10 days I see less blemishes and my skin tone seems more even. I never thought an oil would help me with my skin."

  • - "I had a rash of small tiny bumps all across my forehead. They would not pop, or go away. I used this oil every night with a really hot washcloth to remove the oil…. Boom No more bumps!" 

2. Scar Healing and Repair 

JBC is one reliable way to remove scar tissue. Applying the oil to a scar will discourage new skin growth, and, in turn, will help in permanent scar removal. The oil can smooth out some of the fibrous tissue, making the scar less noticeable.

Tips and feedback from customers:
  • - "I used this product for a month after cosmetic surgery. I could feel it instantly absorb into the skin."
  • - "Definitely reduced inflammation of my scar tissue over the course of 3 weeks. I’d recommend to anyone with bruising or scar redness. I love that this is a natural certified Organic product."

Health Care

While hair growth and treatment has been the primary use for JBC, with some skin care benefits, as a multi-use product, has also been shown to have health care benefits as well.

JBC can be to some, a natural remedy for arthritis, join, and muscle pain, by massaging into the affected areas as the oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

IQ Natural Jamaican Castor Oil is #1

IQ Natural chooses to use only organic oils that are certified by the USDA Organic certification to ensure the highest purity. We believe that because we strive to partner with companies who specialize in high quality ingredients, we're delivering the best product possible. JBC is also our number one seller!

With our IQ Natural JBC, you’ll experience the luxury of pure organic ingredients revitalizing your hair. This lightweight hair oil beautifully hydrates and repairs your damaged hair, leaving it softer, smoother and more luminous with every drop. You can enjoy a three varieties of our JBC in regular, coconut, and lavender.

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