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Acne & Oil Control

Acne & Oil Control

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Why Have a Natural Approach to Makeup Products?

You’re living in a toxic environment. A number of years have shown the migration of people to healthier lifestyles. The focus has been Japanese minimalist living lifestyle with healthy food. The advancement in all aspects of life has led to the realization how chemical junk is being added into and on the body. So, when you’re making the effort of keeping chemicals out of your body then why would you apply them on your body?

The average women use around 100 different chemicals on her body, just in morning. The body absorbs almost 65% of the applied stuff. Years passed with the belief, “It wouldn’t sell if it wasn’t good for you?” and now the thought is “everything on the shelf is not good for you”. Have you heard all of this before and feel you won’t be able to afford the all organic makeup?

Well, there’s a misconception that “good for you equates to bad for your wallet”. We at iQ Natural would love to bust the myth and prove to you that organic makeup products allow you to save the money, beauty and health. We care for our customers and believe in providing the truest and purest cosmetic products. We use the purest form of every ingredient available for every specific product. Here’s why we’re just too good!

The Biggest and Downright Best

We see how the ingredient list of makeup products scares you! Our goal is to make it easy and comfortable for you to ditch the chemicals and replace them with natural and vitamin goodness which is great for your skin and for our environment. iQ Natural is a home to the most nourished life, offers 100% natural, organic and pure mineral based makeup products. Our organic makeup and mineral makeup is tested, tried and utterly gorgeous.

Our Makeup Nourishes and Protects

There’s no reason you should cover your skin in all chemicals, when you can go natural? iQ Natural has only natural products with all cosmetic products containing organic ingredients, designed not only for skin care but also for making you look great. The Flawless Prime Silk Facial Primer gives your skin a deep hydrating treatment which does not clog the pore, but restores face’s natural vibrancy and makes the skin smoother. Our mineral oil collection of moisturizing lipstick is an ingesting product that won’t hurt you!

Beautiful and Natural Makeup, Whatever is Your Style

From a huge collection of mineral foundation to glamorous yet light weight lip glosses and to the ultimate natural eye makeup shades, we provide the purest multitasking Concealer and make up products. We love a toxin free world and where beauty is achieved at the cost of health and not harsh chemicals. An all natural, organic and hydrating silk primer with a mineral foundation gives the perfect base for a smooth and flawless complexion. Whether you want a sheer, medium or full coverage, you will have a huge selection of the best organic makeup products at iQ Natural.

We want to make sure you are thrilled with the quality of products available at iQ Natural, so everything is tested and tried before it leaves the doors! You don’t need to settle for just good enough to obtain natural beauty.