“Sleep is the best form of meditation,” - The Dalai Lama

Anyone who has suffered through one night of watching the clock slowly creep from minute to hours understands the pain of sleeplessness. With all of the night time activities from a simple Netflix marathon to stressful days intruding on your rest, it is easy to lose track of the shut eye we all enjoyed as children.

The first step of getting your beauty sleep is recognizing that it is vital for physical and mental health. You will need a lot of beauty creams and make-up to cover what a restless night shows on your face.

Think of it like this - beauty is like painting. A good night of sleep will show on your skin and radiate your healthy mindset allowing your skincare and make-up routine to enhance what is already present!

Here are five ways that sleep leads to a more beautiful you:

1.  Sleep It Off. Sleep deprivation is damaging to your health because the body releases more of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a likely candidate for skin inflammation and irritation if you are spending too much time tossing and turning. You will start to see aggravating acne breakouts and irritated skin dermatitis. As well, the inflammation can break down skin building materials like collagen and hyaluronic acid making your skin dry and dull. If you know that your sleep is suffering, make sure you replace that collagen to avoid troubles down the road.

2.  Hydration Through Relaxation. Ever notice that your skin looks dewy first thing in the morning? There is a reason for that! Getting enough sleep gives your skin time to rehydrate, which makes your skin soft and supple. While the body does a hydration balance and redistributes the fluids, it gets rid of excess water which prevents developing eye bags, dark circles, and dry skin.

3.  Rebuilding in Your Sleep. Sleeping allows the regeneration of skin cells which is crucial in keeping the skin youthful and glowing. While asleep, your face is not using your skin and muscles, so rebuilding of those all-important skin cells can happen as collagen goes to work while stress levels (and gravity!) are low during sleep.

4.  Come in from the Sun. Let’s face it, most sleep takes place at night! Duh right? But, realize that sleeping also gives the skin time off from the sun’s damaging UV rays. These rays can break down skin cells leading to wrinkling and skin dehydration. Sleeping helps smooth out those wrinkling and give your skin a much needed break from sun.

5.  Don’t be Mental. Sleeping has been shown to improve memory function. While one study showed that people who got adequate sleep performed better in short memory function and could remember performing a new task better than those who went more than 24 hours without sleep, it also helps to reduced levels of stress hormones. The sleep hormone melatonin is natures happy mood booster. You wake up having a better outlook in the morning ready to take on those hard tasks.

Ever wonder about the saying, “everything looks better in the morning?” It really does – and so do you! People who sleep better add less weight than those who spend nights tossing and turning (so NOT an exercise routine!). Lower stress hormone levels reduce craving for sugars which prevents excessive weight and keep down skin issues. As the body regenerates muscle cells, it adds to muscle mass which is essential for burning calories.

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Sleep rejuvenates the whole body by giving time to generate new cells and reset the mind with peace. Sleeping as the doctor recommends will have your skin glowing and improve your state of happiness.

Ready for a nap? Go for it….your whole body will thank you!