Has your skin had enough of the Summer yet? Are repeated sunburns resulting in acne and wrinkles due to sun exposure to the UV rays? All the temporary effects of sun damage should be dealt with and reversed before they elevate into more severe damages. Vitamin C is an active partner that you need to help you fight your sun damaged skin.

Surprised?  Looking around for a glass of orange juice?  Not so quick!

Let us find out just how far vitamin C can go in saving your skin. 

How Vitamin C Works:

Vitamin C plays the role of the fighter when it comes to aging skin. Vitamin C gets rid of the dead skin and paves the way to the growth of new healthier skin. Works against the premature signs of aging skin, the earlier it is put into use, the better.  IQ Natural’s Super "C" Vitamin Strong Serum reverses and prevents photo-damage, increases skin illumination, and accelerates cell toxin removal. The active ingredient, ascorbic acid, is proven to mitigate light induced cellular damage from indoor and outdoor UV sources plus environmental aging factors.


While Vitamin C reduces free radicles which damage collagen, pigment reduces as it prevents the production of melanin. If you wish to keep your skin soft and with a fresh glow (outside of a suntan), vitamin C is an effective option!

Speaking of pigment, have you noticed dark spots or freckles on your sun after peeling from a sunburn?  Whenever you have had a good exposure to the sun, you may have brown pigments that tend to be uneven on your skin.  Dark Mark Elixir 15% Vitamin C by IQ Natural is the best reverser. This targeted spot treatment helps reduce the look of stubborn dark spots, discolorations, and uneven tone to improve skin’s radiance. Highly concentrated formula of all natural and organic ingredients with clinically proven results to even skin tone, reduce the look of discoloration and feed skin cells plant based nutrients.

It is not too late, get reversing already!

Long hours in the sun cause discoloration of the delicate skin around the eyes. The use of vitamin C will expose your delicate skin to a gradual change in the color and texture. IQ Natural’s Rested Eye Brightener Gel restore collagen, brighten your eyes, and get rid of bags. This formula addresses most eye area concerns. Fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and puffy eyes are all taken care of in this gentle and light gel.


Although Vitamin C is mainly in fruits and vegetables, you need more than an orange. Too much exposure to the sun is not child’s play especially when it comes to the adverse consequences of sun damage and exposure to the UV rays. Vitamin C, however, works wonders with the restoration bit of damaged skin.