You have probably heard the old joke: “Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you about life!”

Although it SOUNDS funny with a ring of truth, we have graduated from the simple beauty spot on the chin to the extreme winged eye liner Amy Winehouse style. So, you might be asking yourself WHEN brows became all the rage!

It true…the beauty industry moves at the speed of light, but usually only to repeat a trend. After all, one glance at the supermodels of the 60s show that Amy Winehouse did not invent winged eye liner.

But, if you are not raising a perfect brow, then you could be missing out on one of the recent waves in the beauty industry. Bloggers and social media networks have been singing praises of brow products and tutorials why throwing shade at anyone who lacks the brow skills of Kim K.

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Here are three ways to get the perfect brow without causing too much fuss:

1.  Get in Shape. Have you ever noticed that every face has a perfect shape for eye brows? Your brows are in the right place – nature put them there on purpose. You might need to tweak the shape or fullness of your brow, but you should never need to complete tweeze out your brows only to draw them back on! Just like getting a haircut does not mean shaving your head, removing your eye brows are not usually necessary. Use your natural brow shape as a guideline to enhance your glam.

2.  Add or Subtract Slowly. Some women are not happy with the fullness of their eye brows while others give bushy a new meaning. It is important to land somewhere in the middle. You eye brows should not be thin enough to show pencil lines and not be thick enough to detract from your eyes. A good rule of thumb is to add color to add thickness and subtract hair by tweezing slowly. Tweezing too often can cause hair loss and skin irritation. It’s not a race – you don’t have to get it perfect the first time. Brow upkeep should be ongoing so that it always looks natural.

3.  Color Me Surprised. How many times have you seen women choose a brow color that was too light or dark for their hair? Just like a lip liner, the color of your eye brow pencil should add depth to the existing color and enhance your eyes. Going too dark could have the unintended effect of seeming angry or severe. Going to light could give you a spooky washed out look. Remember, your eye brows are there to extenuate your face and eyes like a simple period in a sentence – not an exclamation point!

Bonus:  Practice Your Look. Most women think it is a waste of good makeup and too much trouble to practice your look. Let’s be real for a minute – brows are not easy to get right the first 100 times!

Lighten up on yourself and practice a few times getting the perfect arch, the right shade, and fullness. After all, your eye brows are a major means of communication to others. Do you want your eye brows to be showing surprise when you don’t mean it? Everything takes practice – take a few shots at it before facing the world.

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A fine product goes a long way to make up for skills. If you are using a good eye brow linear and skin care product, then your brow line will make your look stunning instead of scary. Get the color, product, and application right and you will be turning heads for all the right reasons.