Beauty products with organic and natural in their labels are all the rage these days. You will be hard pressed to find a cosmetic line without an organic or natural labeled product. While The Dead Sea seems to be the favorite ‘source’ for the ingredients in these products, it does not really inspire tons of confidence. Some cannot contend with the idea of spreading a thin layer of 100’s maybe thousands of years worth of cycled mud. Though the results are sung by many to be life changing.

Many women avoid organic makeup and skincare because they think it costs too much. Yes the prices can equate to a higher rate per ounce. But you have to remember that many non-organic & natural products are able to use fillers and water to extend the volume of their offerings. Giving you less concentration of effective ingredients. Thus giving you less productive value. Not to mention ingredients that are designed to extend the shelf life ofthe products, that are proven to do significant long term damage and premature aging. So the real secret is that the price is much higher for non-organic skincare and makeup products than you think! As a result, many women purchase expensive “youth creams” and anti-aging products without realizing the real cycle.

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While truly natural and organic makeup and skincare products are more sustainable to the earth, the real answer is that they are better for your skin.

Think about it – what is your skin made of? It’s not a trick question – your skin is all naturally made up of living, breathing tissue. In fact it is considered a major organ. Why would you put un-natural & non-organic based products on your skin and expect to get any other result than drying, premature aging, and dark spots?If you are asking yourself “how natural is natural?” – then you are asking the right question because not all natural or organic products are created using the same guidelines. In fact there is no guideline for the term “Natural”. So doing the research your self and getting to know the company you are buying your skin care from is more important than ever.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing what goes on your skin:

--> Natural Means Natural. All elements used in your natural makeup and skincare products occur naturally in one form or another. For example, titanium dioxide is refined from naturally occurring titanium. Read the ingredients carefully and know WHY certain additives are in your beauty products. Another example is Aloe Vera. Its the water or gel that is produced straight from the Aloe Vera plant. Nothing is added to this ingredient to make it useful in cosmetics. Its pure and straight from Nature.

--> Alcohol Shots. Many people will back off from any product with an ‘alcohol’ ingredient not knowing that most oils are extracted using alcohol. In fact, that should be the preferred method of extracting essential oils, but beauty companies will use chemical extraction which is cheaper and faster, to make ‘natural’ products. However, some experts say that some demonized ingredients are in actual fact harmless. Acetyl alcohol, for example, is a skin humectant that makes moisture rise to the skin leaving it more moisturized.

Many critics will say that there is little that is natural in beauty products if they are packaged. Unless you are planning a trip to the jungle to pick your favorite skin care and makeup ingredients, then you should expect packaging. But, one good indicator might be the shelf life of your beauty products. If it can last on the shelf until 2020, then it probably has chemicals added to meet sales demand.As well, the extraction process addition of perfumes and fragrances to the final packaging make the final product far from natural. The ‘organic ‘label has been used to give an image of a product coming direct to you from the ground into the tube with little else used to refine it.

So…are you wondering how you can tell if your beauty products are all natural or organic? We are glad you asked!

1.  Get to know the company you are buying from. 

2.  Do they offer products with high content of Organic and Natural ingredients. 

3  Is the shelf life under 18 months? #4 What do people say about the results of the products?

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