Statista states that the "U.S. cosmetic industry is estimated to amount to about $62.46 billion U.S. dollars in 2016."  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be!  Go in your bathroom and look at your cosmetics, shower stuff, and skin care products.  Go ahead…we will wait.

Back?  Now, multiply that times millions of women!

Know what else you probably have in common with millions of women?  Certain side effects from harsh chemicals, additives, and compound names you can’t even pronounce. Often, these chemicals and additives cause a cycle or breakouts, dry skin, and premature aging. Moreover, it has been quietly whispered for years that some products have been linked to cancer by professionals within the health fields.

If you are asking yourself, “what is a girl to do?”  Good question – it’s time to go au natural.  NO – keep your top on…we are not suggesting that you go without make-up or skincare products.  We are suggesting that you make a good choice that feeds your skin and enhances your beauty.

This does not mean you lose your makeup and self-esteem, it just means that you now get to use healthier products for your facial makeup and general skin care. Organic makeup and skin care products are, in fact, better options as the products are all natural and designed to nourish your skin.

Here are three reasons why you should ditch your makeup, and go natural!

Harsh Chemicals

There are harsh chemicals on your makeup table right now!  Chemicals like carcinogens, formaldehyde, paraphenylenediamine are only the beginning.  Most banned for use outside of the USA, the alphabet soup of hazardous chemicals is often abbreviated as PPD, PEG, SLS, and SLES to save face!   They are very appealing to the eye when applied and do things like create softness and consistency in the product; however, application to the skin, face, and body can have dangerous effects. The most common side effects include blemishes and dry skin. Organic options that include natural ingredients guarantee you both a fantastic look and healthy skin.  By treating your skin right with makeup that is 100% natural like IQ Natural’s Mineral Foundation, Multitasking Concealer, Lipstick, and Blush, you are only using the best products.

Natural Scent Additives

Whenever you are shopping for your makeup and skin care products, you probably use your sense of smell too much. After sniffing around for a while, your winner product is the one with the most appealing scent. We hate to burst your bubble, but scent can be the result of certain chemical mixtures. As you experience allergic reactions, redness from inflammation, and breakouts, you might not make the connection. Truly natural products, however, simply have their natural smell and you do not have to worry about any exposure to external effects, allergies or carcinogens. If you want scent, then try IQ Natural’s Natural Perfume Body Spray containing rich skin softening natural and organic essential oils…. spare your skin the chemical mashup.



Nutritional Value

Looking fabulous is a plus if you are maintaining your healthy skin and adding nutrients to your skin.  Your makeup and skincare products should work together to provide essential nutrients for your skin.  Just as healthy eating and exercise help your body to remain fit, cleansing your face should be the front line to keeping your face ready and set to apply good makeup.  Although most women are confused by the multi-step process of skincare, it is easy to start with a good cleansing habit like IQ Natural’s Clarifying Set and Green & White Tea Oxygen Scrub.

Bottom Line – Top Quality Products

You have enough reason now to ditch your conventional makeup and skin care products for natural products. You have probably been noticing slight skin changes and wondered about the benefits of mineral makeup and organic skincare.  Now is the time to go au natural!