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Best Organic Moisturizers to Hydrate your Skin

It is important that you keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to maintain its smooth and fresh appearance.  Our skin is delicate and works in the frontline to keep us away from dangerous factors like pollution. Constant exposure to dirt and pollution can leave your skin looking aged, wrinkled and dry. Unless, you take your time and necessary steps to combat these factors, your skin would not be able to retain its fresh look. Our selection of natural moisturizers for dry skin and all skin types is exactly what you need to replenish and refresh your skin to leave it looking vibrant once again.

We carry a wide range of organic, gentle moisturizers that we combine with the best ingredients. Our moisturizers contain natural, earth-friendly ingredients that will help to rejuvenate your skin and restore your youthful look. Browse through our inventory and be spoilt for choice!

iQ Naturals Exclusive Range of Moisturizers

Packed with natural plant oils, herbal extracts, and essential oils, our range of moisturizers will help to protect your skin from pollution and dehydration. Whether you wish to use a face moisturizer, full body, lip, or hand moisturizer, we are sure that you will find something to suit your skin type. Search through our page and choose the best body moisturizer for your skin type.

Have a browse below and pick up a great product and your skin will see immediate results.

Lip Moisturizers

Just like other areas of your skin, your lips also need moisturizers to keep them soft and free from dry skin cracks. Keeping that in mind, we offer the best there is in lip care balms to keep your lips smooth, and moist.  Containing essential oils, herbs, and organic ingredients, our range of tinted organic lip balms is sure to deliver the best results.  Along with tinted lip balms, you can find special lip care kits that come with organic lip combos.

Acne Moisturizer

Having acne can prove to be a terrible experience. The constant pain, irritation and itchy skin eventually lead to deep skin marks, which stay forever unless you treat them with the best acne moisturizer. At iQ Natural, we bring a wide range of organic moisturizers to help tackle your acne worries. Along with natural ingredients, they prevent irritable reactions, smoothen out rough skin, and prevent future chances of their reoccurrence.

Anti Aging Moisturizers

Our range of anti aging moisturizer is suitable for people of all ages. They contain natural ingredients that help to remove toxins from cells, restore elasticity of collagen through stimulation, nourish the skin, and keep it hydrated to prevent wrinkles. We also have hydrating moisturizers, which work in amazing ways to smoothen and soften formerly dry, flaky, and rough skin.


Apart from these, you can find vitamin C moisturizers, ocean mineral moisturizers, cellulite creams, and more products at best prices. Take your time and buy the best ones that would fit your budget perfectly!