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Achieve Flawless Skin with Mineral Foundations

Mineral foundations are a top choice among most beauty mavens these days, and for many reasons. Compared to traditional makeup, they do not contain any chemicals, which could cause allergic reactions, or aggravate skin sensitive conditions. Pure earth-friendly ingredients, mineral foundation offers professional results. It is easy to apply, and heals the skin to make it healthier and bright. When applied in light layers, in a buffing motion, mineral makeup foundations look natural on your skin, and hide flaws effortlessly.

Whether you decide to use mineral makeup for the first time, or add it into your daily beauty regimen, our online store is the one-stop destination for all your beauty needs. At iQ Natural, you can find an extensive range of mineral foundations for all skin types, and tones.

Mineral Foundations Galore at iQ Natural

Our mineral foundation has a unique formulation perfect for every skin type. Our products ensure that you achieve radiant-looking skin. Our range of foundations helps to correct, cover the skin, and leave you looking younger and fresher. In addition, our foundations also help to protect you from environmental factors like protection from sunrays, pollution and dirt.

Loose Mineral Foundation

Our selection of mineral foundations is paraben free, has no fillers, contains no trace of Bismuth OxyChloride and have fine textures to blend well on your skin. They are available in large sizes (12g/sifter jar) and come in an array of shades to suit different skin tones. Our inventory features shades including beige, fair (in two tones), light warm, warm fair, medium, medium beige, tan, medium tan, dark tan, and more for every skin type.

Flawless Stetting Mist

Once you apply your mineral makeup in a buffing circular motion, you need a setting mist to set your makeup for the day. Our online store features flawless setting mists to set mineral makeup on for a longer time. Since they contain no chemical ingredients, they are irritation-free and suitable for sensitive skin types. Browse through our inventory and choose the bottle size of your choice.

Our Guide on How You Can Apply Mineral Foundation

Before you apply makeup, it is always a great idea to first prepare your skin. This involves a few preparatory measures to ensure that the makeup stays on for a longer time. First, you need to prepare your skin.

  • Cleanse Your Face: For best results, you have to wash your face with warm water, soap and cleanse it with a gentle face wash. Dry your face with a towel and let your skin breathe for 2 minutes.
  • Apply a Moisturizer: A point you must note is that mineral makeup does not bond, or adhere to dry skin. For longer lasting results, apply some moisturizer to your face prior to the mineral foundation and let it settle in for a few minutes.

Apply Your Mineral Foundation

Once your skin is ready, then here comes the next step- applying the mineral foundation. Most times, beginners find this step a bit tricky because handling powder form foundations requires some practice.

  • You Need a Kabuki Brush: traditionally, the application of mineral foundation for best results is with a kabuki brush (a short stem, dense bristle makeup brush). This type of brush allows you to buff on the mineral makeup in right amounts. Move in circular motions and apply the amount you want for coverage.
  • Buff and Layer: Make sure that you buff the mineral foundation onto your skin in a circular motion. This helps to ensure an even application and hides flaws easily. Frame your face with mineral foundation and fill the remaining area, including your eyelids, ears, neck and underneath your chin.  Mineral foundations work in thin layers, for more coverage, you can apply more in the same manner.

So what are you waiting for, buy mineral foundations at best price now and start looking beautiful naturally!