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Bath & Body

Bath & Body

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IQ Natural's Organic Bath & Body Products

Protect and rejuvenate with Vitamins and keep your skin glowing with organic “Wake the Senses” Massage and Bath Oil.

There’s of course a lot more to love about the cooler, drier or warmer weather – delicious fruit pies and cocktails. Just to name two; but hey, there’s something more about the weathers. Your skin might not appear as beautiful and fresh as it should – reason is - you’re food intake is of course not 100%. Dry heat indoors and dry cold outdoors can strip naked your skin from the healthy layer on top. So, it’s time you protect yourself with the best 100% bath and body organic products than look like a Crypt Keeper.

The Basics to Skin

You do know that skin is the largest organ of your body and it’s very precious. For you to look the best, your skin needs to look lush and all shimmery. So, unless you pamper yourself with natural and organic body products you will not achieve the youthful appearance you’re striving for. You might even see water somewhere on the label of your all branded lotion. Hey, your parched skin doesn’t need water rubbed on its surface; it rather needs water-free products of iQ Natural that follow organic and natural ingredients.

The huge eco-friendly, organic and natural bath and body products collection guaranty’s on making you feel beautiful, because:

Whether Luxury or Budget, We’ve Got it covered

iQ Natural believes that everyone should be able to experience the benefits of organic and natural products. Our huge collection of budget buys makes it possible for us to have more people turning towards natural products and you getting the chance to experience. By luxury, we certainly don’t mean more cost, we mean products that are extra special and might add up a penny or two. Check the extensive selection of our prestigious bath and body products, including Linen and Body sprays and body oils.

We Believe in Vitamins, Nutrients and Not Toxins

Bathe, pamper or protect your body; we have all the beautifully healthy products packed into our natural bath and body care products collection. And they all even have nutrients and antioxidants that do nothing less than making you feel fantastic. We also have an entire section dedicated to “Professionals” with moisturizers, lotions and everything that has richness of Coconut oil, jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and many more.

We don’t think there’s anything your skin hungers for and we don’t have! The minerals and vitamins that fend off the effects of daily barrage of stress, blemishes, sun and environmental aging are all in our products. With all the goodness of the super natural ingredients, your skin will feel and look great. If somehow your first experience makes you smell something intoxicating and sensuous, even better! Between the hydrated and the gorgeous glow of your skin and the hypnotic scents, there’s only iQ Natural, ready to give you’re the feel of good vibes and looking fantastic!